Selling With a Edina Real Estate Agent vs. Selling To A Local Investor

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Are you curious about what it all entails to sell your house fast in Edina? It is extremely important to understand all your options. There are multiple options when it comes time to sell your Edina home. In this post, we will delve into two of the most popular ways, so you can decide which selling option may be best for you.

Hiring A Edina Real Estate Agent

The Money

Of course, going this route you most likely already know commission of about 5-6% is pretty average in Edina. However, there are also a number of other costs that will come into play when listing your house for sale. Home ConSELLtants has an option to list your house if you want to go this route. Make sure you go through this in detail with every agent you interview.

  • Repairs – No matter how great of shape your house is, more than likely something should be done to it to get the most value. However many times clients may just want to list as-is and that is fine.
  • Staging – When you list your home you will want it to look its very best. This means you should take some time to hide away the clutter and decorate it in a warm and inviting fashion. Whether or not you hire a professional stager in Edina.
  • Holding Costs – The holding costs include things like your property taxes, homeowners insurance, utility bills, and maintenance. These costs don’t stop when you list your house. In fact, keeping your house in tip-top shape can actually drive your holding costs up even higher.
  • Closing Costs – These fees are typically 2% of the sales price of your home. If your home is listed on the market with an agent, this should be accounted for when discussing your potential net profit scenarios.
  • Showings – Showings are good, it means there is interest in the property. However, they can be inconvenient. If you have pets, you should keep them in a separate room so they don’t bother the potential buyers or worse, accidentally get out of the house during the showing!
  • Cleaning – Keeping the house clean is essential. There is nothing worse than having to show a dirty or messy house. You should also consider professional carpet cleaning, power washing, and yard clean-up and hauling expenses.

That being said, working with an agent has the potential to get the highest price possible. Your house is being marketing to the most amount of buyers. Just make sure when interviewing agents to list your house in Edina , you understand all the extra fees that may be associated with the above points so ultimately you can make a decision that best fits you.

The Time

When you hire an agent to help you sell your house in Edina, they take on the majority of the work, however you can’t just sit back and relax! For example, you will likely have to spend time…

  • Keep the property clean as much as possible, especially for showings that pop up within the hour!
  • Get your repairs and updates completed before it hits the MLS
  • Make sure you have a spot to go when showings take place
  • Reviewing and negotiating offers from potential buyers. Your agent can help facilitate and negotiate, but you ultimately have the final decision.
  • Making necessary repairs on items that come up on inspections.

One of the worst feelings out there is when all the items above are completed and the sale still falls through. This could be because of financing issues on the buyer side, items that come up on the inspection or even appraisal issues.

The Unknown

One of the most difficult parts of selling your house with an agent in Edina is the unknown. You won’t know for sure if you will get your asking price, when, or if your improvements will provide returns. Not only is this stressful, but it also makes it difficult for you to plan ahead.

Selling To An Investor

The Money

It’s no secret that when you sell your house to an investor in Edina, the sale price more than likely be less than the retail price. However, it may be worth it to know exactly what price you are going to get and when you will close. Direct buyers, including Home ConSELLtants buy houses as-is, which means there are no repair costs to worry about, no commissions, no closing costs, no extended fees, etc…..

The Time

In many instances, we can close as fast as 7 days or can close on your timeline. The only thing you would need to worry about is making sure you have a place to go! We will handle everything else, including any items you wish to leave behind. Working with Home ConSELLtants will help you sell your house in less time, offering you convenience and a fair price. We also can also offer listing your house or we have a special program where we can renovate your house and then list it. This essentially allows you to flip your own house in Edina.

Learn more about selling your house with a Edina real estate agent vs. selling your house to a local investor! Give us a call or send us a message today! 763-515-7355

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